Adam’s “Rib”

The Hebrew word used to describe Adam’s “side” from which Eve was made in Genesis 2 is tsela.

In other parts of the Bible, tsela is used to describe, not small parts of something, but halves. For example, Exodus 25:12 talks about how two rings should be on one “side” (tselo) of the Ark of the Covenant.

So literally, the verse translates that God took Adam’s side and formed Eve.

I don’t think Eve was made from Adam’s mere rib. I think God literally cut Adam in half and used that half to form Eve. He finished Adam’s severed body and finished that other half to form Eve.

Granted, it would have been nice had Eve been made first ;D But let’s set feminist or equalist ideologies aside for a second and think about the message this take on Genesis 2 conveys. Among many other things, this story tells us something about how human relationships should be. I am the same stuff as you, so I am you. It’s another way to underline the trite “love your neighbor” line. We need to start to consider other human beings the way we consider ourselves, despite our perceives differences. Empathy can be selective, but I don’t think God wants it to be. 

It’s a strange concept, but it makes for a better human condition. Look out for mankind like you would look out for yourself. Judgment and hatred are the worst sins.


check out this link for a deeper discussion on the Hebrew meaning of side:



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